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Viral Animal….What comes to mind when putting these two words together?

(Viral) – Information spreading rapidly and quickly.

(Animal) – A living being that is not human.

The combination even gives vision of something wild and untamed. What a perfect concept when referring to the musical innovation and creativity of Damar Howard aka (D Powers) and Charlie Rhodes aka (Rokman). D Powers is very respected in his hometown of Austin, TX as a solo producer/artist/indie music ambassador, using his platform he created called to promote and diversify the thriving indie music scene. Charles “Rokman” Rhodes young music skywalker who is also a young Boss in the making as the youngest equity partner in started his career in New Jersey at an extremely early age, working with very notable and highly respected musicians in the music industry not just locally but nationally as well. Both D Powers and Rokman are accomplished indie producers,songwriters, players, and performers, honing there crafts with some of the industries most respected players.

Fast forward, after a random run in at a music store in Nashville, Viral Animal was born. The two instantly had that mutual creative connection and amazing vibe as well as mutual respect that initially spaked the 2 dynamic duo to start recording and writing together.Combining the infectious swagger and personality of D Powers and the brilliant pop sensibility of Rockman, this dynamic duo incorporates street smart lyrics with a do or die attitude and a solid musical foundation infusing an EDM, down south, trap pop sound that can undeniably compete with the current and future pop music trends. The live show interaction, defined as a “sexy jungle party,” is one of pure passion from D Powers and Rokman, consummating the relationship between the fans and themselves. With the sonic value of being both artists and producers, Viral Animal also has vision of literally sharing their music with the masses through the viral marketing and social media company D Powers and his long time high school friend & Partners started, Brand Ur Band in 2009.

“With viral marketing being the need for any artist or brand, we just figured out a way we can use our own social media company to leverage to stand out in this industry to not just sell music but introduce our own fashion line that represents our music and our fans that love what we do. We can change the game and help others to be ultimate independent artists and not just meet the Bar according to the music industry but Beat the Bar beyond the music industry. We would love to be used as a template for others to grow and learn how to be their own international Brand and show the next generation how to build value in your own creative talents and Be the Situation In Every Situation when brokering your own deals but also learning to genuinely try to alway negotiate a win win before jumping into anything music business or just business in general.”

Viral Animal understands what it takes to “go hard’ in this new era of digital online indie music business. The art they are creating stands alone. The fans they are gaining will be unified. The way they go about it will hopefully change the way other musicians do things forever.